HIPAA Compliant App AWS
HIPAA Compliant App AWS
CeraNote is a collaboration tool that organizes tasks into boards for doctors and patients in the Healthcare area. It goes beyond of communicating, solves problems, and prevent them from recurring.
Client had Healthcare application developed in Codeigniter that needed to become HIPAA compliant because it would manage their clients’ information as well as PHI (Protected Health Information).
Enabling different access protocols on AWS.
Enabling encryption to all the communication between customer and app.
Enabling encryption to all data from customers/clients/users.
Highlights of the Case
All the data of the application is now encrypted and safely stored on AWS.
The application now has a failover solution which helps users to always have a
working application and no-service disruption.
DevOps solutions are also helping in maintaining and monitoring the environment.

Highlights on the Solution
  •  Change and Release speed for the code was increased by 80%.
  •  Increased security for the application environment and safety for  clients/users.
  •  Technologies used to deploy the solution.
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